Spectre makes your life simpler
with a more comfortable home
for you and your family.
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It is all about Intelligence and Integration

Spectre offers an integrated solution for you:

Lighting And Curtains

to have a balance in your daily life and your daily mood
Lightings and curtains with switches, dimmers


that is in its best degree, air that is pure with lots of O2
Ventilation, Heating, Cooling Systems


that sense for you before you know it
Security sensors, motion sensors, water leakage sensors, O2 Sensors, CO2 Sensors,


the way you want it
Your entertainment system such as TV, AV

There are limitless possibilities for you to make your home understands you better

You will be free to do things you want without interruption

Spectre offers Zigbee, KNX, Modbus, and Wifi solutions

For small, medium and large spaces. Outdoors and Indoors.
From a single room to a large mansion. It is all up to you!